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Bhanchha Ghar

Bhanchha Ghar, Kathmandu, NepalAuthentic Nepali Cuisine at its Best ! Bhanchha Ghar; the first Nepali Restaurant of its kind in Nepal , bring you the best in Nepali cuisine within an unmatched ambience and a setting that is truly Nepali. We have spared no efforts in making our menu the most distinct in Kathmandu -an exotic selection of spiced meats and delectable vegetarian dishes prepared with sumptuous Newari sauce, accompanied by our own house blends of raksi ... more

Bhojan Griha

Bhojan Griha, Kathmandu, Nepal: for Local Nepalese FoodIt is an old four-storied of bygone era, painstakingly restored and converted into one of the finest and the largest Nepali Restaurant within heart of Kathmandu City - Dillibazar. The 'Basantapur Baithak' (first floor) has roomy 60-seat capacity for those who cannot squat Nepalese way as it has table and chairs and you can sit in western fashion. The 'Putali and Kantipur Baithak' - the second and third respectively demands that the shoes be ... more

Nuovo Marcopolo All Italian Restaurant

Nuovo Marcopolo All Italian Restaurant, Thamel, KathmanduNUOVO MARCOPOLO is situated in Thamel and serves the best Italian cuisine. Everything is made to order with the finest home made ingredients all the way from Italy which has been passed down from generation to another. Our Pizzas, Breads and Pastas are specially baked on authentic and unique firewood oven. Our Italian chef Mr. Rubiolo "ROBI" Battista is one of the most popular Italian in town and was a proud owner of the famous ... more

Rum doodle, at 40,000 1/2 feet,

Rum doodle, at 40,000 1/2 feet, Kathmandu, NepalRum doodle, at 40,000 1/2 feet, is the highest mountain in the world. Conquered through the courage and bravery of a handful of eccentric English Mountaineers, with equally eccentric names Ridley, Prone, Constant, Jungle, Shute and Wish. Rum Doodle stands as a heroic monument to to mountaineering, despite the efforts of the expedition's Yogistani cook "Pong". "Positively the best Bar around the most convivial fireplace" "The Ascent ... more

Kilroy's of kathmandu

Kilroy's of kathmandu Restaurant, Thamel, Kathmandu, NepalKilroy's of Kathmandu opened on the 15th November 1998 amid a blaze of hype and, according to Footprints guide to Nepal "it was entirely justified". With seating for 300 guests, Kilroy's is a great dining experience, whether the occasion is an intimate evening for two or a large party of tourists to celebrate their arrival in the majestic Himalayas. Thomas has carefully put together The Menu taking into consideration all the different ... more

Thamel House Restaurant

Thamel House Restaurant, Thamel, Kathmandu, NepalNamaste ! Whilst walking about the busy streets of Thamel, you will come across a traditional houe, built in a pagoda architectural style appended with marvelously aborned woodcarved windows, doors and long past brick walls. At a glance, you will begin to admire that the building has been taken care of so lovingly and graciously that it is clean and well-,aintained. This is the Thamel House Restaurant - a traditional restaurant with fine ... more

Restaurants in Kathmandu

Restaurants in Kathmandu, Nepal You can dine with ambassadors and ministers in this classy top-end restaurant set in a charming former Rana summer palace. The tables on a bridge over a wonderful lily pond add a definite colonial Burmese feel, so it's fitting that there are several Southeast Asian dishes on offer. Lunch is light and casual, with sandwiches and salads. Dinner is a more serious affair, so dress up for dishes such as beef Wellington or salmon mousse layered in rainbow trout ratatouille and tomato hollandaise sauce. If nothing else, it's a very romantic place for drinks. Lunches are a great deal, with wraps and specials - the chef's roots are showing with the cheese and Branston pickle sandwich - and there's a great Sunday brunch complete with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Dinner is a more serious affair so dress up for dishes such as Roquefort, apricots and Asian pear salad, or salmon fishcakes in saffron and vermouth sauce.

Restaurants in Kathmandu, Nepal Nepal is quite popular for its cuisine too and it shows in the increasing number of eateries in every nooks and corners of Kathmandu Valley. Nepal has every kind of restaurants to satisfy the taste buds and palate of different types of people. You can find Thai, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Continental hangouts at par with the fast food joints, pubs to local restaurants which will serve you its authentic and sumptuous Nepali, Newari or Thakali food. Most of the listed restaurants on this site are foreign managed and “Hygiene” always comes first in these places.

In Kathmandu there is one of the best selections of good restaurants in Southeast Asia. There are restaurants that serve Nepali, Tibetan, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Mexican. Many places have pizza, pasta, enchilada, pies and cakes. It is possible to get first-class traditional meals. You can often get a good meal at a budget restaurant for less than Rs 200. A meal in the most expensive restaurant will usually be less than $20 per person. The more expensive hotels have a 10% to 15% government tax. It is normal to tip in the higher priced restaurants. 10% is normal. Often a service charge is tacked onto your bill in more expensive restaurants. You should check for this before leaving a tip.

Restaurants in Kathmandu, Nepal The cuisine of Nepal is quietly famous and evident in the increasing number of eating places in every nook and cranny of Kathmandu Valley. The restaurants in Kathmandu serve every type of food imaginable to gratify the tastes of all types of people. You will find various types of cuisine here from Continental, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese to Korean, alongside fast food joints, pubs and local restaurants which serve genuine and sumptuous Nepali food, also known as "Newari" or "Thakali". In Kathmandu there are numerous places to eat at that can serve up anything under the sun for a few dollars. After a day of shopping in Kathmandu, our Kathmandu restaurants guide below will tell you all you need to know to find a great meal in the city. Relax and enjoy the tasty Kathmandu specialities. For more general information about the food and cuisine throughout Nepal, take a look at our Nepal restaurants guide.

Food & Cuisine in Kathmandu: You can taste the local food from any one of the small restaurants called "dhabas". The staple diet of the Nepalese people is "dal bhat" which consists of rice, "dal", potatoes, yoghurt and a spicy sauce that is very delicious and nutritious at the same time. The hot and spicy barbequed meat and fresh steaming "momos" are also a must have. You can try traditional Nepalese food at Thamel House Restaurant - it is also a good place to try Newari and Tibetan dishes.

"Momos", or the traditional Tibetan dumplings, have been adapted for tourists and resemble "tapas". These can be served either fried or steamed and are filled with buffalo meat, chicken or vegetables.

Coffee: Although the people of Nepal are prominently tea drinkers, Nepal also produces coffee. Often, coffee is served as a cup of coloured instant which tastes like dishwater; however, good coffee is also available. The important thing to keep in mind is that people who are not coffee drinkers do not identify with it. To minimise the dishwater taste, order "strong coffee" instead of "plain coffee". Also remember that coffee shops in Nepal do not follow the thumb rule of equal espresso, milk and froth. The cappuccino that you order can vary from very little froth in a large cup, to coffee topped with whipped cream. Another point to be noted is that there is very little difference between a latte and a cappuccino.

Bars: Almost every restaurant and bar serves beer and cocktails. Try the local "raksi", Nepali wine, or "chhyang", Nepali beer, for a quick and cheap cultural know-how. Try these at local bars but remember that neither tastes like wine or beer!

Khukuri XXX Rum is the most successful alcoholic product made in Nepal and it is also available in transparent Khukuri shaped bottles - definitely worth adding to your own assortment. The main branded beers sold in Kathmandu are San Miguel, Everest and Tuborg while Hinwa is the popular name for Nepal made red and white wines.

Typical Menu Items: The following lists typical Nepalese food you'll find on a menu:

"Dal-Bhat-Tarkari" - This is the staple food of the Nepalese people.

Appetizers - Snacks: Chatamari - Pizza made of rice flour, which is eaten either plain or with a topping of meat or egg. It is a fair compensation after a tough day of sight seeing.

Chhoyla - This all-round snack is made of diced meat which is spiced and then roasted. Gulp it down with crushed rice and homemade liquor.

Gundruk-ko Jhol - It is a soup made of dried and fermented green vegetables. Its taste is a bit sour and a bit tangy and lip-smackingly good!

Kwati - This soup, made up of different types of sprouted beans, is a good way of starting your dinner and is a speciality during festivals.

Momo-cha - These dumplings stuffed with minced meat are served either fried or steamed. This is a hugely popular appetizer which can also be eaten as an afternoon snack or evening meal.

Main Dishes
Aloo Tama - This is a curry made of potatoes and bamboo shoots and enriched with a lot of herbs and spices.

Beans - This curry made of big beans and small beans goes well with rice in the main course.

Dal or Daal - This is a lentil soup eaten with plain rice and part of the dhal-bhat-tarkari staple diet. The most common lentils are black, green and yellow.

Green Vegetables - These are either spinach or plain and broad-leaved mustard greens. These are a common accompaniment with rice during lunch or dinner.

Meat Curries - These curries served with rice are made from meat and have a lot of gravy and spices. The meat can either be beef, mutton, chicken or fish.

Bhat or Plain Rice - This good old boiled rice is a standard Nepalese food and the main ingredient of their staple diet.

Tarkari - This is a vegetable curry made in a thick broth which is quite spicy. It is another important ingredient of the Nepalese staple food.

Takhaa - It is the Newari version of cold meat, usually prepared by solidifying strongly boiled cut pieces of buffalo meat (preferably neck and head part) in earthenware. It is a common delicacy during winter as it can be used for about a week or more, without using any synthetic preservatives. However, it can be enjoyed throughout the year, provided refrigeration is available. It is served best with Chiura (beaten rice or rice flakes), Bhat (boiled rice) or any other main course meal.

Achar - This means pickle, which is eaten to awaken your taste buds. There are numerous types of pickle available, such as those made from ground tomatoes, sliced Radish, ground coriander and boiled and diced potatoes.

Gundruk - These dried and fermented green vegetables are a classic accompaniment with meals in the hilly areas of Nepal.

Sanya Khuna - (when translated into Newari, it means cooked/boiled fish). Often used like a pickle, this is a jellified pickle made of fish soup. Small dried fish is roasted and ground, and mixed with meat soup (which is typically extracted from Takhaa in the making), and the mixture is boiled and finally cooled in earthenware, whereby it ultimately jellifies. It is spicy, hot and tangy and a perfect complement to Chiura and Dal Bhat. Like Takhaa, it is also cooled in earthenware and once prepared, can be used for a week.

Desserts, Juju Dhau - "Juju Dhau" literally means "king yoghurt" and is delicious yoghurt from Bhaktapur which has a creamy texture. It is a must at all feasts.

Sikarni - It is a dish made of yoghurt, which is filled with dry fruits. This leaves a sweet taste in the mouth and is a good way to end your dinner.

Home made Drinks, Rakshi / Ayla - It is distilled from rice, is colourless and tastes like fire-water. It tastes best when had neat.

Thon - Is a milky white juice made from fermented rice and is the main core of many festivals in Kathmandu. The Tibetan version of this drink is called "Chhyang".

Tongba - It is made by pouring hot water into a pot of fermented millet and is sipped with a bamboo straw. It is a popular stimulant in the hilly areas and is available in Kathmandu at selected Tibetan restaurants exclusively during winter.

Restaurants in Kathmandu

The Ring of Fire Restaurant, Shankha Park, Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu, Nepal: With a well tended garden for your family and friends, The Ring of Fire Restaurant is a nice place to spend a memorable evening. While enjoying the food and live music, you will also be supporting the band of blind artists who perform there regularly.

Dechenling Beer Garden and Restaurant, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: Located in the heart of Thamel, Dechenling Beer Garden and Restaurant is a quiet haven amidst the din and bustle of the city. The discerning guests are greeted with a profusion of flowers and greenery in an ambience of tranquility. One of the finest and exclusive restaurants, Dechenling serves traditional Nepales, Tibetan and Bhutanese cuisines. It can also be a suitable venue for parties, weddings and other special events.

Momotarou Japanese Restaurant (Japanese Cuisines), Bhagwati Bahal, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: Momotarou Japanese Restaurant specialises in typical Japanese cuisines well known for their taste and nutritional values. Momotarou serves a comprehensive menu which includes different flavours of Sushi, soups, noodles and other Japanese dishes and beverages. Every order includes a complimentary cup of herbal tea and at least one special pickle.

Himalayan Java, Tridevi Marg (Opp. Himalayan Bank), Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: Himalayan Java is a cafe established in 1999 and over the years has become a favourite rendezvous for both foreigners and locals to meet and relax. Over 60 varieties of Nepali and international specialty coffee served. Special wood fired pizza and other dishes prepared by renounced chefs. Wireless broadband internet connection on site. Over 50 professional staff at your service

Amazone Restaurant & Bar, Tindhara Pathshala, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal: Fresh Indian and Continental dishes as well as imported liquors are served at reasonable rates by this small restaurant located at near Tindhara Pathshala, Durbar Marg just behind Development Bank.

Fire and Ice Pizzeria, 219 Sanchaya Kosh Bhawan, Tridevi Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal: Fire and Ice Pizzeria is a great place to appease your hunger and meet friends and travellers like you from around the world. Soon after its opening in 1995, Fire and Ice became popular for its delicious food and drinks. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the pizzeria serves pizzas, pastas, organic salads, desserts, chilled and hot drinks and also a Grappa after dinner.

JaZoo Cafe de Restaurant, Behind Nepal Telecom Building, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Nepal: JaZoo Cafe de Restaurant is located in front of Jawalakhel Zoo and its name was derived by abbreviating that of the zoo itself. JaZoo has a pleasant atmosphere suitable for dining with family and friends. It specialises in Continental, Chinese, Italian, Nepali and Indian dishes as well as several refreshing beverages. Do not forget to check out the ‘Daily Specials'

Nepali Chulo, (Nepalese Cuisines) Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal: Nepali Chulo, when translated in Nepali, means "Nepali Oven". It is situated at Durbar Marg, right opposite the main gate of Narayanhiti Palace Museum (fr. Royal Palace) and beside the American Centre. If you wish to taste authentic Nepali and Newari food, having lunch or dinner - or both - at Nepali Chulo would be a wise decision. Discover why so many tales are told of those spicy Nepalese dishes. Enjoy the food with live music every evening, from 7 pm onwards!

The Green Organic Cafe' and Salad Bar (Organic Meals), Thamel Chowk (Opp. Roadhouse Cafe), Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: Open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, the Green Organic Cafe' specialises in a strictly organic menu. "We serve organic food and beverage, which is more nutritious, rich with vitamins and minerals than conventionally grown food. We assure our organic products have no pesticides and chemicals".

Kaiser Cafe, Kaiser Mahal (Opp. SAARC Building), Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: Kaiser Cafe Restaurant and Bar is operated by The Dwarika's Group in the beautiful premises of Garden of Dreams at Kaiser Mahal, Thamel, Kathmandu. Open for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, Kaiser Cafe serves international beverages and cuisines in 4 different locations of the Garden: 1. Main Restaurant, 2. Tea Salon at Basanta Pavilion, 3. Pergola at Crescent Pond, 4. Bar at Barkha Pavilion. Separate air-conditioned rooms are available for groups and private functions.

1905 Restaurant, Kantipath Kathmandu, Nepal: An elegant restaurant of Kathmandu, 1905 Restaurant serves hygienic food in a gracious and friendly environment. The garden is particularly impressive, and provides an environment where you can relax and enjoy your food. The vegetables and fruits and soaked in iodine water before use. What makes 1905 special is the immaculate service it provides to its guests.

Kilroy's of Kathmandu, Jyatha Street, Thamel Kathmandu, Nepal: Kilroy's of Kathmandu is located centrally in Thamel and offers an extensive menu. At Kilroy's the philosophy is food. They have an impressive menu "lined with quotes" and an equally impressive list of desserts. The salad is treated in iodine prior to use, and for the peace of mind, ice cubes are prepared out of bottled mineral water. A good part is that, Kilroy's collects leftovers (clothing, equipment, etc.) from trekkers and distributes them to the less fortunate citizens. K-Too Beer & Steak House is a popular place to enjoy with friends and dine away the evening.

Kathmandu Revolving Restaurant & Bar, Dharmapath, New Road Kathmandu, Nepal: Located at Dharmapath, just in front of the Kathmandu Durbar Square, this restaurant serves Nepali and Indian cuisine. Situated seven floors above the ground, it covers a 360 degree view of the surroundings from its glass walls. The movement is round, and so are the plates. But the tables are square!

The Rum Doodle, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: The Rum Doodle is a special restaurant in Kathmandu, in that it collects signatures of Everest climbers in yeti-footprints. However, you don't have to scale Mt. Everest to enter. It is open to all. An evening at The Rum Doodle will introduce you to bizzare cocktails with bizzare names, and lets you see the signatures of Edmund Hillary himself. The place is spacious, hospitable and above all, serves excellent food from a mega-list from inside the menu.

Wunjala Moskva, Naxal, Kathmandu, Nepal: Wunjala Moskva is obviously the place to be when it comes to Russian food. The place is comfortable and although very near the city-center Wunjala Moskva has generous open space inside its walls, decorated with a beautiful garden and houses reflecting Newari Architecture. The ambience is soothing and the staff are polite, and while you admire the gardens and the food, you will be delighted by the culinary combination of a bit of Moscow and a bit of Kathmandu. If it is peroshki you're craving for, then Wunjala Moskva is the right place to be!

Ying Yang Restaurant, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: Ying Yang Restaurant serves authentic Thai food, probably the best in the city. It is an upmarket restaurant, nestled in the bustling centre of Thamel. Sungava Restaurant, Near Dhulikhel Mountain Resort, Arniko HIghway, Dhulikhel, Nepal: Sungava Restaurant is located on the way to Panchkhal from Dhulikhel. A small family run restaurant, Sungava offers Nepali meal sets and quick snacks.

Krua Thai, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: Krua Thai specialises in Thai cuisines which are prepared by experienced chefs and served by friendly waiters. It has an elegantly set up indoor restaurant and a nice rooftop garden restaurant. The food is great and so is the atmosphere inside.

Utse Restaurant, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: A renovated restaurant at Thamel, Utse provides an interior of rich decor reflecting Tibetan artefacts.
Utse offers Tibetan and Chinese delicacies - both food and drink. Plus a twist for the taste buds - Utse serves regular menu consisting Continental and Nepali food. The cooks are devoted and the waiters skilled.

Thamel House Restaurant, (Nepalese Cuisines), Thamel Tole, Kathmandu, Nepal: Originally built over a hundred years ago for an affluent Newar family, Thamel House Restaurant not only reflects the typical Nepalese architecture and decor, but also serves mouth-watering Nepalese and Newari cuisines.

Cafe De Patan, South of Durbar Square, Mangalbazar, Patan, Lalitpur, Nepal: Cafe De Patan in Mangalbazar, Patan offers all sorts of food and beverages in a complete family environment. In addition to international cuisines, it is famous for its authentic Nepalese menu as well as its floor-seating, which again is in typical Nepalese style. Everything you require to have the dining pleasure the Nepalese way!

Cafe De Temple Town, Durbar Square, Bhaktapur. Nepal: When you think it is time for a break, refresh yourself at Cafe De Temple Town within Bhaktapur Durbar Square permises.

Nepalica De' Roof Top Cafe, Taumadi 11, Bhaktapur, Nepal: Looking for some local Newari taste in Bhaktapur? Try Nepalica De' Roof Top Cafe located on the backstreet connecting Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Taumadi. They also serve authentic Nepali dishes.

Bhumi, The Resto-Lounge, (Newari) Lazimpat, Kathmandu, Nepal: This restaurant is located in Lazimpat and offers a really nice place and serves great food. You will love its authentic and spicy Newari dishes, all prepared with traditional methods.

Cafereena, Sherpa Mall, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal: Cafereena is an exotic multi cuisine restaurant. It is enclosed dining spaces, a semi-covered lounge and an open beer garden offering a variety of Italian, Thai, Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. It also serves snacks, beverages and the much talked about 'Belle Momos.'

Eden Restaurant & Bar, 6th Floor, The Kathmandu Mall, Sundhara, Kathmandu, Nepal: Eden Restaurant & Bar invites you to have a unique eating experience in its terrace with a beautiful view of Kathmandu city. Open for lunch and dinner, Eden offers great food and superb drinks. You can also make reservations for your private functions and parties.

Baithak Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: At Babar Mahal Revisited, southeast of the centre, this restaurant has a dramatic and regal, almost Victorian, setting, with crystal and linens and where diners are attended by waiters dressed in royal costume and watched over by looming portraits of various disapproving Ranas. The menu features 'Rana cuisine', a courtly cuisine created by Nepali Brahmin chefs and heavily influenced by North Indian Mughal cuisine.

Bakery Café, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal With branches on the edge of Thamel, on Durbar Marg and in Patan, this buzzy chain offers excellent value coffees and snacks for when you just need to take a break over an Americano and a plate of momos. The management have commendably hired deaf staff, which is perhaps one reason why the music is so bad.

Bhanchha Ghar, Kathmandu, Nepal: This restaurant resides in a traditional three-storey Newari house in Kamaladi, next to a Ganesh Temple. There is an upstairs loft bar where you can stretch out on handmade carpets and cushions for a drink, snacks and the obligatory cultural show (try to arrive before 19:00). You can then move downstairs to take advantage of an excellent set menu of traditional Nepali dishes and delicacies.

BK's Place, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, This place has a well-deserved reputation for good old-fashioned chips (French fries), with a variety of sauces, as well as good momos. It's a tiny place, west of the Rum Doodle.

Brezel Bakery, Kathmandu, Nepal: This bakery, one of a cluster in the area, is pretty good, especially for breakfast.

Café de Cosmopolitan, Kathmandu, Nepal: Café de Cosmopolitan. Nearby Basantapur Sq, this is a cheaper eating option than Festive Fare Restaurant.

Chang Cheng Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: The real deal for Chinese food, and often full of visiting Chinese business people and Chinese Tibetans who shout, smoke, slurp and burp their way through large portions of wonderfully spicy Sichuanese food.

Chez Caroline, Babar Mahal, Kathmandu, Nepal: In the Babar Mahal Revisited complex, Caroline's is a swanky outdoor cafe/restaurant popular with expat foodies. It offers French-influenced main courses such as wild mushroom tart with walnut sauce, quiche, salads and crêpes, plus imported cheese, daily specials and a wide range of desserts, teas and wines. Try a swift glass of pastis (liquorice-flavoured liqueur) with mint syrup: it's the perfect aperitif to an afternoon's shopping.

Chimney Room, Kathmandu, Nepal:
This is one of Kathmandu's most famous restaurants, named after the famous open fireplace. It now serves mostly continental cuisine, with the excellent borscht and chicken à la Kiev two of the last links with its Russian roots.

Ciao Ciao, Kathmandu, Nepal: Formerly known as the Marco Polo, this restaurant is great for authentic Italian food, including Italian permigiano cheese, good espresso, and truly yummy pizzas.

Dahua Restaurant, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: In contrast, this definitely isn't ‘real' China – sticky sweet-and-sours and egg foo yong are the rule here – but it's quiet, cosy and tasty, and the price is right. It's on the eastern edge of Thamel.

Dechenling Beer House, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: Quality Tibetan and Indian food is served up in this attractive beer garden and it's one of the few places in town to offer interesting Bhutanese dishes, such as kewa dhatsi (potatoes and cheese curry). The thentuk, Tibetan noodle soup, is the best in Thamel. If you can't decide, opt for a set meal.

Delima Garden Café, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: If you can't decide whether you want baked beans or tom kha gai, this garden restaurant down an alleyway away from the traffic in Paknajol covers all the bases. The surroundings are nice but the food is a bit hit and miss. There are plenty of breakfast choices.

Diyalo Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: At the Annapurna Lodge, this is a cosy little garden restaurant with a large menu, including tasty crêpes, burgers and a few Chinese, Mexican and Indian dishes, all for less than Rs 130.

Dolma Momo Center, Kathmandu, Nepal: This is typical of the Tibetan eateries dotted around town - it's just a hole in the wall, and momos and a few stains are the only things on the menu. But the momos are excellent, and they're top value.

Dudh Sagar, Kathmandu, Nepal: This is the place to reacquaint yourself with South Indian vegetarian snacks like dosas and idly (pounded rice cakes), topped off with Indian sweets like barfi (fudge) and gulab jamun (deep-fried milk balls in rose-flavoured syrup). A masala dosa followed by dudh malai (cream cheese balls in chilled pistachio milk) makes a great meal for less than Rs 80.

Dwarika's Hotel, Kathmandu, Nepal: Dwarika's Hotel has a candlelit Friday night poolside barbecue and dance show that makes for a great splurge; it also houses the upmarket Nepali Krishnarpan Restaurant.

Everest Steakhouse, Kathmandu, Nepal: If steakhouse restaurant K-Too represents the new breed of slickly-run Thamel eateries, then the Everest Steakhouse is very much old-school. The red curtains haven't changed in 20 years and the waiters can be fascinatingly rude - it's hard to know if they're taking the piss or not. The menu spreads to 30 types of steak, all imported from Kolkata (Calcutta) and served up rare unless you request well done.

Festive Fare Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: Overlooking Basantapur Sq, this restaurant has unsurpassed views from its top-floor terrace and attracts more of a tour-group crowd. Prices are about double those of the Freak St cheapies.

Fire & Ice Restauran,. Kathmandu, Nepal: Rumour has it that this was a favourite of Prince Dipendra and his girlfriend, before he massacred his entire family in 2001 (don't worry, no one's blaming the pizza). Regardless, it's an excellent and informal Italian place, serving some of the best pizzas in Kathmandu, imported Italian soft-serve ice cream, seriously good Illy espresso and rousing opera – Italian, of course. It's very popular and you'll need a reservation in the high season.

Four Season Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: A great location and some of the tastiest Thai and Indian food in town make this a good compromise if you fancy a chicken tikka masala but your date wants a green papaya salad. You can sit overlooking the road or on the rooftop under what looks like an aircraft hangar. One of the chefs is Thai, the other worked at the Rum Doodle for 17 years, so they know their stuff.

Ganesh Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: A slightly gloomy but good vegetarian place, with generous portions of such dishes as lasagne and spinach mushroom burgers. There are two lovely chaityas in front of the restaurant.

Ghar-e-Kebab, Kathmandu, Nepal: Inside the Hotel de l'Annapurna on Durbar Marg, this has some of the best north Indian and tandoori food in the city. Indian miniatures hang on the walls and in the evenings classical Indian music is played and traditional Urdu ghazals (love songs) are sung. Try the pistachio sherbet for dessert.

Helena's, Kathmandu, Nepal: Helena's is deservedly popular for its set breakfasts, one of the highest rooftops in Thamel, cosy interior and super-friendly service, with a wide range of coffee, good cakes, tandoori dishes and steaks. It's warm and cosy in winter. If you are heading off trekking, consider breakfast on the 8th floor a form of high-altitude training.

Himalatte Café, Kathmandu, Nepal: A North-American coffeehouse feel here, right down to the comfy sofas and Friday night music jams (courtesy of the owner's band). The impressive array of coffees are some of the best in Thamel, as are the cheeseburgers. The menu ranges from Caesar wraps to fruit crêpes and the Tuesday and Thursday set meal specials are good value. We recommend the excellent chicken saltimbocca - cheese, sage and bacon inside a chicken breast.

Hot Bread, Kathmandu, Nepal: This bakery, inside a supermarket and across the road from the Pumpernickel Bakery, does a roaring trade in sandwiches, bread rolls, pizza slices and pastries. The ham and cheese rolls make a great lunch on the run. Bakery items are discounted by 50% after 21:30.

K-Too Beer & Steakhouse, Kathmandu, Nepal: Run by the same people who run Kilroy's, the decor and furnishings here are deliberately rough-and-ready pub style, and the food and atmosphere are excellent. Dishes range from Irish stew to spinach and potato salad with honey mustard dressing, and the excellent pepper steak (Rs 420) followed by fried apple momos is already a post-trekking classic. Live European football is broadcast on the TV. For a quieter vibe head for the garden.

Kilroy's of Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal: Named after the Irish owner and head chef, this place is a definite cut above the average Thamel restaurant. The menu ranges from Balti chicken to beef and Guinness hotpot and interesting hybrids such as seafood thugpa (Tibetan noodle soup) with lemongrass, plus the desserts are great, especially the bread and butter pudding. There's always some kind of special going on, from Friday specials to champagne brunches. You can sit inside, or outside in the shady garden, complete with waterfall.

Koto Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: Some say Koto prepares the best Japanese food in town. If not the best, then it's close, with a wide range of dishes from cold soba noodles to sukiyaki and even fresh mackerel, plus several set menus. It's up a dingy little stairwell but the décor is cosy and intimate. There's a less expensive branch in Thamel.

Koto Restaurant Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal: When you need a break from endless 'same same but different' backpacker food, head for this budget branch of the acclaimed Durbar Marg restaurant. The Japanese flavours are subtle and complex and the bamboo décor is bright, elegant and clean. The sukiyaki 'young person' set meal is a great deal, with all kinds of salad trimmings, miso soup, green tea and unlimited rice.

Krishnarpan Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: One of the best places for Nepali food is the Krishnarpan Restaurant at Dwarika's Hotel, east of the centre near the Ring Rd. The atmosphere is superb and the food gets consistent praise from diners. Bookings are advisable. If you are coming on Friday, arrive in time for the 18:00 dance show in the hotel courtyard.

Krua Thai Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: North of Sam's Bar, this is another good open-air Thai place. The food is reasonably authentic (ie spicy), with good curries, tom yam soup and papaya salad, although some dishes taste more Chinese than Thai.

Kumari Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: Next to the Century Lodge, this friendly hang-out attracts the densest collection of dreadlocked travellers in Kathmandu and is one of few places that seems to have hung onto some of the mellowness of times past. All the travellers' favourites are here.

La Dolce Vita, Kathmandu, Nepal: Life is indeed sweet at Thamel's best Italian bistro, offering up delights such as parmesan gnocchi; excellent antipasti; goat's cheese, spinach and walnut ravioli; sinfully rich chocolate torte and wines by the glass. Choose between the rustic red-and-white tablecloths and terracotta tiles of the main restaurant, a rooftop garden, the yummy-smelling espresso bar (real Lavazza coffee) or sunny lounge space; either way the atmosphere and food are excellent. It's right on the corner opposite Kathmandu Guest House.

Lazimpat Gallery Café, Kathmandu, Nepal: This friendly place occupies a unique niche, somewhere between a greasy spoon and an art café, with a menu boasting both sausage, bacon and beans and carrot and coriander soup. It's run by a British former VSO worker and so is popular with local volunteers. It's great for cheap, light lunch if you're out in Lazimpat.

Mike's Breakfast, Kathmandu, Nepal: As the name suggests, this place specialises in big American-style breakfasts (Mike was a former Peace Corps worker), served up to a mix of expats and well-heeled locals. It's a bit out of the way but it's certainly a laid-back way to start (and occupy most of) the day, in the attractive, leafy garden of an old Rana house. The breakfast menu includes excellent waffles, fresh juices and great eggs Florentine; all prices include organic Nepali coffee from Palpa. Lunch extends to Mexican quesadillas and daily salad/soup combos; the barbecue fires up on Sunday evenings.

Nargila Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: Across from the Northfield Cafe, on the 1st floor, this somewhat dour budget favourite is a quiet place to just take a break from the bustle outside. Try a shwarma (grilled meat and salad in a pitta; Rs 185) or hummus served with pitta (Rs 105), washed down by a mint tea. The hot waffle with fruit and yoghurt (Rs 125) is simply the best in Kathmandu.

Nepali Chulo, Kathmandu, Nepal: Closer to Thamel is this new restaurant in the wing of a 157-year-old Rana palace, the Phora Durbar. Most people choose the fixed menu of 11 dishes but ordering à la carte is possible. Choose between floor or table seating but get here before 19:00 to catch the live music and dance. A chulo is a Nepali-style stove.

New Orleans Café, Kathmandu, Nepal: Hidden down an alley near the Brezel Bakery, New Orleans boasts an intimate candlelit vibe and a great selection of music, often live. It's a popular spot for a drink but the menu also ranges far and wide, from Thai curries to Creole jambalaya. If you have your own laptop you can get free wireless Internet access during the day at the New Orleans Café.

Northfield Café, Kathmandu, Nepal: Next door to Pilgrims Feed 'N Read, this open-air spot is the place for serious breakfast devotees (huevos rancheros included), with fresh juice and smoothies, and bottomless filter coffee. The Mexican and Indian tandoori dinner dishes are excellent and the sunny garden is a real plus in winter.

Old Tashi Delek Rest, Kathmandu, Nepal: This place, a long-time favourite, feels like a trekking lodge that's been transplanted from Everest into a Thamel time warp. Prices are decent, the Tibetan momos (especially the richosse momo soup) are authentic, and the spinach mushroom enchilada (Rs 140) is surprisingly good for Tibetan-Mexican food (Tib-Mex?). It's down a corridor, slap bang in the centre of the Thamel action.

Pilgrims Feed 'N Read, Kathmandu, Nepal: Keep walking past the Self-Help section of Pilgrims Book House and you'll end up in this quiet and classy café, with indoor and garden seating. The focus is on herbal teas and vegetarian Indian food (including dosa ) and there's no shortage of nearby reading material. Weekly sitar concerts accompany dinner here.

Pumpernickel Bakery, Kathmandu, Nepal: Bleary-eyed tourists crowd in here every morning for fresh croissants, yak-cheese sandwiches, pastries and filter coffee in the pleasant garden area at the back. The restaurant is self-service.

Roadhouse Café, Kathmandu, Nepal: The big attraction here is the pizzas from the wood-fired oven (we have been assured the wood is off cuts from a Terai timbermill). The pizzas are pretty darn good, and the décor, especially the courtyard out back, is warm and intimate. The starters, pasta dishes and coffees are all good, as is the service. Top it all off with a scoop of Baskin Robbins ice cream. Credit cards are accepted.

Royal Hana Garden, Kathmandu, Nepal: This place is a bit of a find - there are two outdoor hot-spring baths where you can luxuriate for as long as you like before heading inside for a very reasonably priced Japanese meal. It's perfect for small groups and it's worth ringing ahead to book a soak. The restaurant is in Lazimpat, just north of the Hotel Ambassador.

Sandwich Point, Kathmandu, Nepal: A tiny place back at the main Thamel Chowk, this is a good little spot for a wide variety of rolls; perfect for the late-night munchies.

Seoul Arirang, Kathmandu, Nepal: This excellent Korean place has a pleasant rooftop area and serves dishes barbecued at your table, as well as Korean classics such as bulgogi (beef and ginger) and bibimbap (rice with beef, vegetables and hot sauce). The owner is Korean but the chefs are Nepali. The picture menu guarantees no nasty surprises.

Snowman Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: A long-running and mellow, if slightly dingy, place, this is one of those rare Kathmandu hang-outs that attracts both locals and backpackers. The chocolate cake has been drawing overland travellers for close to 40 years now. When John Lennon starts singing ‘I am the Walrus' on the stereo it suddenly feels like 1967 all over again…

Thakali Kitchen, Kathmandu, Nepal: If, after having travelled all the way to Nepal, you actually fancy some Nepali food (!), this upstairs restaurant is a modern place popular with local Thamel workers on their lunch break. Most opt for daal bhaat but there's also a range of Thakali food such as aa lang kho, a dried meat, cheese and radish soup.

Thamel House Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: In Paknajol, this place is set in a traditional old Newari building and has bags of atmosphere. The food is traditional Nepali and Newari. Ask for the à la carte menu and choose individual dishes or go for the blowout set meal. It's also open for lunch.

Third Eye Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: Next door to Yin Yang, and run by the same people, this is a long-running favourite that retains something of the old Kathmandu atmosphere. There's a sit-down section at the front, and a more informal section with low tables and cushions at the back and a rooftop terrace. Indian food is the speciality and the tandoori dishes are especially good.

Utse Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: n the hotel of the same name, this is one of the longest-running restaurants in Thamel and it turns out excellent Tibetan dishes, including unusual Tibetan desserts that you won't find anywhere else. The decor feels lifted straight from Lhasa. For a group blowout, gacok (also spelt gyakok) is a form of hotpot named after the brass tureen that is heated at the table and from which various meats and vegetables are served (Rs 720 for two). The set meals are a worthy extravagance.

Via Via Café, Kathmandu, Nepal: This century-old red house at the end of Seven Bends is part of a Belgian-run chain of travellers' cafés that is part restaurant, part lounge bar, and part cultural centre. The food is European, with some specifically Belgian touches, and the brunch menu includes French toast, crêpes and Greek omelette with spinach, cheese and black olives. If you like the food, sign up for the weekly cookery course.

Weizen Bakery, Kathmandu, Nepal: Down from the Yin Yang, this bakery restaurant serves good vegetarian food. It has a pleasant garden and is a nice quiet place for breakfast, with newspapers to read and music playing in the background. The bakery out front has decent cakes, breads (particularly the pretzels) and pastries, with bakery goods (but not cakes) discounted by 50% after 20:00.

Yak Café, Kathmandu, Nepal: Another unpretentious and reliable Tibetan-run place at the other end of Thamel. The booths give it a 'Tibetan diner' vibe and the clientele is a mix of trekkers with their Sherpa guides and local Tibetans who come to shoot the breeze over a cigarette and a tube of tongba (hot millet beer). The menu includes Tibetan dishes, with good kothey (fried momos), and South Indian food, at unbeatable prices.

Yin Yang Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal: Just south of the intersection, this is one of Thamel's most highly regarded restaurants. It serves authentic Thai food cooked by a Thai chef in either garden or floor seating. It's not cheap but the food is a definite cut above the imitation Thai food found elsewhere. The green curry is authentically spicy - the massaman curry (with onion, peanut and potato) is sweeter. There's a good range of vegetable choices.

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