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Radisson Resort Bhairahawa

Radisson Resort Bhairahawa, Parasi Road, Bhairahawa, NepalWelcome to Radisson Resort Bhairahawa, where nature has been adored at its best! Experience a moment of peace at this awesome paradise, where your comforting dream meets reality and luxury meets nature. Positioned with a beautiful natural lake of its own, the resort claims to be one of its kind in providing outstanding services and facilities. Just step in for a day or two and feel the amazing difference! Our management focuses on how to deliver best service, and we aim to lure our ... more

Dreamland Gold Resort

Dreamland Gold Resort Pvt. Ltd, Manigram-3, Rupendehi, NepalDreamland Gold Resort is situated in the southern belt of the country 8 kilometers to the south from Butwal, a business hub in the western Nepal, and at arm’s length from the Bhairahawa Airport which has several flights in a day from Kathmandu and is about a 30 minute fly from the capital. The location enjoys many sorts of means of transportation on land also. Located sequestered from the bustling urban centers, this is a ... more

Hotel Sindoor, Butwal

Hotel Sindoor (P) LtdWelcome to the site of Hotel Sindoor (P) Ltd, the only categorized under star hotel in the western region of Nepal. Our motto is to satisfy our honorable guests. And we are on this service since 1987. Enjoy its several dishes in the morning and in the evening after a day long visit to several touristy destination located in the surroundings. A complete rest in a comfortable bed will fresh you to get ready for the next trip that is yet to and ... more

Hotel Shantanu, Bhairahawa

Hotel Shantanu, Bhairahawa, Rupandehi, Lumbini, NepalHotel Shantanu is situated in the highway of a peaceful town called Bhairahawa. Hotel is just near the Indian border called Sonauli. Sonauli is the second largest international gateway after the Tribhuwan International airport, Katmandu. Sonauli is the common Border for both the countries India and Nepal. Sonauli is the gate way to Nepal from Uttar Pradesh, India. Gorakhpur junction, one of the largest railway junctions in India, is 95 kilometers ... more

Hotel Himalayan Inn, Bhairhawa

Hotel Himalayan Inn., Bhairahawa, Butwal, NepalHotel Himalaya Inn, New Road/By Pass Road, one of the oldest hotels in Bhairhawa is a bit run down with rooms with A/C and bath. They often give a discount. Nepal has every category of accommodation facilities that range from the international standard star hotels to budget hotels and lodges. In order to have an assured quality service, it is advisable to use the facilities and services of government registered hotels, lodges, travel agencies ... more

Hotel & Guest House, Bhairahawa & Butwal

Map of Bhairahawa, Butwal NepalA small city of about eight thousand hector square in area, situated on the low-altitude flat-land (Terai) near the border side to India, is a home to eighty thousand Nepalese of different religion, language, ethinicity and identity. Butwal connects Bhairahawa city, Tansen town, and Narayanghat city through different highways. Butwal is only 26KM from the Indian Border and about 22 km from Bhairahawa, and Tansen is about 36 KM away from Butwal.

Lying at the very foot of Chure Pahad (Fragile Hills), Butwal is a large town in southern Nepal on the banks of Tinau river in Rupandehi District, in Lumbini Zone of which it is the adminisrative center. It is 240 kilometres west of Kathmandu and 22 kilometers north of Rupandehi District headquarters Bhairahawa. Through highway and air links, Butwal connects western Nepal to the capital Kathmandu. It also has a highway connection to the Indian Border at Sunauli via towns Manigram, Bhalwari and Kotihawa. Butwal is one of the major gateways to Nepal.

Hotels & Guest Houses in Butwan

  • Park in ButwalHotel Everest, Bank Rd, has good, clean, modern rooms they often give a discount.
  • Hotel Shambala, Bank Rd, has rooms with common bath, with private bath, and with air-coolers and hot water. Restaurant serves South Asian and Chinese food. One of the few restaurants serving ice cream in the hot summer.
  • Hotel Lumbini Pagoda, just beside the new Bus Park and half a km south of Bank Street has a very nice garden with rooms, nice restaurant and serves in the garden as well.
  • Hotel Yeti, New Road and Parasi Road, one of the oldest hotels but is a well-managed/well maintained place that has comfortable rooms with A/C. Being on one of the main cross roads, so it can be noisy in the early morning. It has a very good restaurant that serves Indian vegetarian and tandoori, Chinese and some continental.
  • Shree Pashupati Lodge, Narayana Path, about a 10-minute walk from the Bhairahawa bus stand, is a recommended budget place with rooms.
  • Gorkha Hotel and Restaurant: Bus Park, Butwal, Nepal
  • Hotel Glassglow Pvt. Ltd Bank Road, Butwal, Nepal
  • Hotel Santanu Pvt. Ltd: New Road, Butwal, Nepal
  • Hotel Himalaya Inn Pvt. Ltd: New Road, Butwal, Nepal
  • Hotel New Gandaki, Butwal, Nepal
  • Hotel Kandara, Butwal, Nepal
  • Hotel Siddhartha, Butwal, Nepal
  • Hotel Sindoor, Butwal, Nepal
  • Santosh Guest House, Bhairahawa, Butwal, Nepal: few blocks west of Traphik Chowk, best budget places.

Rier & Bridge Near By TutwalHistorically Butwal connected Nepali people with their Indian neighbors. As the British East India Company annexed Awadh from its hereditory rulers while the Shah Dynasty attempted to annex the Terai, Butwal became one of bones of contention leading to the Gurkha War 1814-16.

When King Tribhuvan fled from Nepal to India in 1950, he travelled through Butwal, then little more than a village on the western bank of Tilottama River (also popularly known as Tinau River). However with the construction through Butwal of Siddhartha Rajmarg from the border at Sunauli to Pokhara and then the east-west Mahendra Rajmarg across the Terai, the village grew rapidly and developed into a modern township.

The economy of Butwal centers around education, trade and transportation. Butwal has always been a major trading centre for Pahari (hill people) from districts to the north, as is evident from the establishment of Batauli Bazar at the edge of the hills in old Butwal. Presently the main trading centre is near Traffic Chowk. Numerous shops sell Chinese and Indian goods. Butwal also has small and medium scale manufacturers of woodwork, ironsheet, metalware and aluminium sheet. There are rice mills including Siddhababa Rice mill and Sita rice mill.
An influx of students from nearby hilly regions contributes to Butwal's economy. Additional income is remitted by expatriate Nepalis and from Gurkha Soldiers employed by the Indian and British Armies.

Butwal Hill Park (Deepnagar)
This famous place was one of the historic for the people of Gurung community. This hill was called Gurung Gada before the hill park idea came into context, because Gurung people were buried here. But now it has been changed to view Butwal and nearby cities like Bhairawa. This gives good view of whole Butwal in either side. It separates Butwal city into 2 parts. The big growing city on east with population more than 45000 in small suburb (Deepnagar) with other parts of Butwal. You also can visit Aap Khola (mango river) popular among the residents of Butwal where people go for swimming and to collect water during drought.

Siddha Baba Temple
This famous temple is located on hills at the border of Butwal Municipality. In fact the temple lies in Palpa. Devotees believe that Siddha Baba will grant their wishes, and whosoever's wishes are granted offers pigeons at the temple. Large number of pigeons can be seen at the temple.
On Saturdays, the weekly holiday in Nepal, large number of devotees from Butwal as well as nearby places visit the holy temple. Special Micro services are pressed into service on these days by bus operators for the convenience of devotees.

Phulbari (Manimukunda Park)
Phulbari, the winter palace of Palpali Sen clan is very fascinating from natural and archaeological values. There are ruins and antiquities of the majestic palace of Manimukunda Sen an ancient Palpali King containing 6 large rooms as well as royal residence, administrative and fascinating scenic grandeur of Butwal, Siddharthanagar and other neighbouring villages of Rupandehi district can be vividly seen from here at night also. His Majesty's Government, archaeological department has attempted to maintain it in 1991. Now Butwal municipality has formed council for the conservation of Manimukunda Sen Park to conduct Phulbari Development Programme and attempted to make it an amusing and a tourist resort.
Recently Butwal Hill Park which is under construction, has been formed as one of major tourist attractions for internal and foreign tourists.

Jitgadhi a fortress during Angol Nepal war, Narayan temple built by (1864 B.S.) Hanuman temple and Shivalaya of Hanumagngadhi, Jalabinayak Mehadev temple, Siddababa temple, Nuwakot etc. are famous centres of attraction in Butwal.

Located about 12 km. west from Butwal and to North from Banakatti, Sainamaina as an open museum is very famous and fascinating resort from historical archaeological culture and natural points of view. Among the different Gramas villages of Shakya King, it was in the samgrama site. An Indian queen (Begam) because of the revolution in her kingdom came to this area with her soldiers and porters (‘Sena’ and Mena’) and finally this area came to be known as Saina Maina. It is an exquisite treasure trove of ancient ruins and antiquities: statues of dancing saints, ruins of palace, well etc. The statue of Buddha (Jogidanda) was very significant different ruins of having the values of classical art are scattered here and there. This famous archaeological site is being occupied by homeless and landless people. Some of the antiquities of this site are seen thrown around the Lumbini museum.

Village Development Committees VDC's & Towns of Rupandehi District:

Aama Aanandaban Amari Amawa Marchawar Amuwa Paschim Asurena
Babhani Bagaha Bagauli Bairghat Balarampur Bangai
Bangai Marchwar Baragadewa Barsauli Basantapur Betakuiya Bhagawanpur
Bisunpura Bodabar Bogadi Butawal Chhipagada Chhotaki Ramnaga
Chilhiya Daya Nagar Devadaha Dhakadhai Dhamauli Dudharakchhe
Ekala Farena Gajedi Gangoliya Gonaha Hanaiya
Hati Bangai Hati Pharsatika Jogada Kamahariya Karaiya Karauta
Karmahawa Kataya Kerbani Khadawa Bangai Khudabazar Lumbini
Madhabaliya Madhuwani Mainahiya Makrahar Man Materiya Man Pakadi
Maryadpur Masina Motipur Padsari Pajarkatli Pakadi Sakron
Parroha Parsa Patekhouli Pharsatikar Pharsatikarhati Piprahawa
Pokharvindi Rayapur Roinihawa Rudrapur Sadi Saljhundi
Samera Marchwar Semalar Shankar Nagar Siddharth Nagar Sikatahan Silautiya
Sipawa Souraha Pharsatikar Suryapura Tama Nagar Tarkulaha Tenahawa
Tharki Thumhawa Piprahawa Tikuligadh 1 1 1