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Hotels & Guest House in Ilam

Ilam, Nepal Map Ilam is a pleasant town that has some nice walks and tea plantation in the area. The area is similar to the area around Darjeeling Not many visitors come here. There are no mountains views in the area. Ilam is a small hilly town with pristine landscapes of sloped tea gardens, thick natural forests, holy sites and unique culture. There are several holy sites one can visit in and around the area. Ilam is a much sought after tourist destination for travelers of all kinds

The lowest priced places are near the bus stand. These places can be quite noisy. List of all hotels in Ilam. By default, Ilam hotels are sorted by class: there are only budget hotels in Ilam are listed first. You can change the sorting order using the navigation bar above.

  • Ilam, Nepal Map Mai Valley Guest House: Ilam, Nepal: near the bus stand, is a decent budget place.
  • Tamu Guest House: Ilam, Nepal: is away from the bus stand and is quiet. It has decent rooms.
  • Green View Guest House: Ilam, Nepal: has big, clean, modern rooms with common bath. It has hot water and some rooms have balconies overlooking some tea gardens.
  • Danfe Guest House: Ilam, Nepal: a few minute walk from the bus stand in the middle of some tea plantations, has basic, clean rooms. It is a good value. To get here to go up the steps at the rear corner of the bus stand, turn right and then turn left at the T-intersection.

Tea Gardens and Factory
There are tea gardens all around Ilam. Tea picking takes place between April and November. The tea plantations were nationalized in the 1960s. The tea factory, just above the town, can be visited. The tea here is some of the finest in the world.

From the Birtamod (4 hr), 12km away on the Mahendra Highway, it is a steep road to here that has excellent views. Buses depart between 7 am to 2 pm. The major attraction of Ilam is the 9-cornered Mai Pokhari lake. Also Known as the abode of the goddess lots of tourists as well as Nepalese people come to visit this lake. Mai river and its four tributaries also emerge in Ilam district. The famous Mane Bhanjyang ( Mane pass ) connects Ilam with Darjeeling district of West Bengal India. Ilam was much in the news in the past during the Maoist insurgency, from here the Maoist launched massive attacks frequently. Tourist going to Ilam can expect to pay around 1000 rupees a week for accommodation and food.

Ilam district, a part of Mechi Zone, is one of the seventy-five districts of Nepal, a landlocked country of South Asia. The district, with Ilam as its district headquarters, covers an area of 1,703 km≤ and has a population (2001) of 282,806. It is situated at a distance of about 600 km from Kathmandu. The highest point is Sandakpur with lies on an elevation of 3000m. Ilam also attracts many researchers who come here to research rare birds and the Red Panda. Ilam stretches from Terai belt to the upper hilly belt of this Himalayan nation.

The name Ilam is derived from a Limbu language meaning "Ii" means Twisted and "Lam" means Road. Ilam was one of the ten self ruling states of Limbuwan before the unification of Nepal, its ruler King Hangshu Phuba Lingdom of Lingdom dynasty was ruling Ilam as a confederate state of Limbuwan until 1813 AD. The treaty between other Limbuwan states with the King of Gorkha (Gorkha-Limbuwan Treaty of 1774 AD) and the conflict of Gorkha and Sikkim led to the unification of Ilam with Gorkha. Ilam was the last of ten Kingdoms of Limbuwan to join the union of Nepal. King of Gorkha gave ruler of Ilam a full autonomy to rule and the right of Kipat. Ilam was independent Limbu Kingdom until 1813 CE/1869 BS.

Ilam is a today one of the most developed places in Nepal. Its tea ILAM TEA is very famous and exported to many parts of Europe. The main source of income in this district is tea, cardamom, milk, ginger and potato. This place also has a religious importance. The devi temples has a great importance attached with it and lots of people come here just for pilgrimage.

Village Development Committees VDC's & Towns of Ilam District:

Amchok Bajho Barbote Chameta Chisapani Chulachuli Danabari Dhuseni
Ebhang Ektappa Emang Erautar Gajurmukhi Ghuseni Goduk Gorkhe
Jamuna Jirmale Jitpur Jogmai Kanyam Kolbung Laxmipura Lumbe
Mabu Mahamai Maimajhuwa Maipokhari Mangalbare Namsaling Naya Bazar Panchakanya
Pashupatinagar Phakphok Phikal Bazar Phuyatappa Puwamajwa Pyang Sakfara Sakhejung
Samalpung Sangrumba Shanti Danda Shantipur Shree Antu Siddhithumka Soyak
Soyang Sri Antu Sulubung Sumbek 1 1 1 1