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Buddha Maya Garden Hotel

Buddha Maya Garden Hotel, Lumbini, NepalBuddha Maya Garden Hotel and Resort is managed by the famous Kathmandu Guest House, the Asia's leading budget hotel with 35 years of experience in travel trade industry in Nepal. Located in a calm and serene area of Lumbini World Heritage garden peripherial and yet so close to the sanctum of the sacred pilgrimage, you can feel the spirit. You may wake up to the sound of chirping of birds and religious hymns and take a morning walk to ... more

Hotel Lumbini Garden

Hotel Lumbini GardenHotel Lumbini Garden New Crystal offers an unmatched accommodation with several facilities and services to make your holiday at Lumbini a truly memorable experience. Capturing the serene atmosphere of the region, the hotel reflects nepali culture with a fusion of the western world. Your stay at our hotel will be an amazing experience to accompany your tour around the world renowned Lumbini Sacred Garden. We, at the hotel, proffer ... more

Lumbini Hotel Kasai

Lumbini Hotel Kasai, Lumbini, NepalLumbini Hotel Kasai is to show how the Buddhism Sacred place, Lumbini is certainly peaceful and quiet environment. And at any time, always the Japanese staff and Nepali staffs who are which qualified to serve Japanese standard service will be in the field, in order to provide great services. All the guest room are delicately well-kept clean and it has wonderful modern convenience facilities such as, air-conditioner, refrigerator, Japanese wash let ... more

Hotel Pawan International

Hotel Pawan International Siddhartha Nagar the most prestigious,shopping, financial and residential area is just 22 Km from Lumbini, 2 Kmfrom the Gautam Buddha Airport and 4 Km from the Indian boarder of Sunauli.Inthe heart of the city is "HOTEL PAWAN INTERNATIONAL" The hotel is specially designed to houseguest for pilgrimage cum vacation. It offers the highest of the 4C's (Convenience, Choice, Cuisine and Comfort). There are 24 spacious rooms ... more

Hotel Nirvana, Lumbini

Hotel Nirvana, Lumbini, NepalAmidst the magnificent remnants of the past wonders of Lumbini, stands Hotel Nirvana. A contemporary hotel with all the modern state of the art facilites, but abounding in traditional hospitality- a beautiful interlacing of the old and new. A perfect place where people can come and spend time, discovering the magnificence of Lord Buddha's birth place, the ancient heritage, while resorting in a modern comfortable hotel. The Hotel has been ... more

Lumbini Buddha Garden

Lumbini Buddha Garden Lumbini Buddha Garden is a quiet and tranquil guesthouse close to the birthplace of Lord Buddha, at Lumbini in south-central Nepal. The garden boasts a private haven of tranquillity surrounding the guesthouse, in a sense a spiritual "buffer zone" from the outside world for visiting tourists. Visitors to the garden find an environment where they can meditate and relax in peace, as well as learning about Buddhism should they wish to do so. The ... more

Hotel Ananda Inn Lumbini

Hotel Ananda Inn, Lumbini, Kapilvastu, NepalHotel Ananda Inn Pvt. Ltd. offers an unmatched accommodation with several facilities and services to make your holidays at Lumbini a truly memorable experience. Capturing the serene atmosphere of the region, the hotel reflects nepali culturewith a fusion of thewesternworld. Your staywill be anamazing experience to accompany your tour around theworld renowned Lumbini Sacred Garden.We, proffer 22 air-conditioned rooms ... more

Lumbini Hokke Hotel

The Lumbini Hokke HotelThe Lumbini Hokke Hotel is located in the premises of Lumbini Master Plan in Lumbini, Rupandehi, Nepal, where the Shakyamuni Budha was born. Lumbini Hokke Hotel began its operation on 10th January 1991 under Japanese management in order to provide best comfort and services to all tourist from all over the world. The Hokke is a Japanese hotel providing clean, comfortable accommodation within walking distance to the Sacred ... more

Hotels, Guest House Info Lumbini

Hotel, Guest House & Info in Lumbini, NepalLumbini is a Buddhist pilgrimage site in the Rupandehi district of Nepal, near the Indian border. It is the place where Queen Mayadevi is said to have given birth to Siddhartha Gautama, who as the Buddha Gautama founded the Buddhist tradition.
The Buddha lived between roughly 563 and 483 BCE. Lumbini is one of four magnets for pilgrimage that sprang up in places pivotal to the life of the Buddha, the others being at Kushinagar, Bodh Gaya, and Sarnath.

Lumbini is believed to be the birthplace of the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama. It is a peaceful place located in the western Terai of Nepal, close to the Indian border, 22km west of the towns of Bhairawa and Sunauli.

There is not much here except a few monuments and some monasteries. It is believed that Maya Devi, the mother of the Buddha, gave birth to Siddhartha, while she was traveling to her parent’s house. It is said that she went into labor, then she bath in the pond and walk 25 steps and then delivers here child.

Hotel, Guest House & Info in Lumbini, NepalThe main area is known as the “Sacred Garden.” It only takes a couple of hour to see everything. Most people who come here, visit for the day from Bhairawa. The best time to visit Lumbini is the early morning or late afternoon, and the hot mid-afternoon is best avoided.

Most people come just for a day trip and usually stay the night in Bhairawa or Sunauli 22 km away. It is possible to stay in the very basic facilities at some of the monasteries for a donation.

Sometimes the bathrooms can be quite depressing. The Theravada monastery has a basic dharmshala. It may be possible to stay at the Tibetan Monastery, outside of the winter months. It may also be possible to stay at the Dae Sun Suk Gu Sa Monastery.

  • Lumbini Hokke Hotel, Lumbini, Nepal: several km north of the main site, is a luxury hotel with rooms. It is managed by Japanese and is used mainly by Japanese Buddhist pilgrims. It has rooms with Japanese furniture. It is one of the best hotels in Nepal.Hotel Lumbini Garden New Crystal, Lumbini, Nepal: is newly built. Pool, health club and meditation center.
  • Buddha Maya Garden Hotel, Lumbini, Nepal:
  • Hotel Pawan International, Lumbini, Nepal:
  • Hotel Nirvana, Lumbini, Lumbini, Nepal:
  • Lumbini Buddha Garden, Lumbini, Nepal:
  • Hotel Rainbow, Lumbini, Nepal: has air-cooled rooms. It is over-priced and is right on the highway so can be noisy.Mikasa Hotel, Lumbini, Nepal: is a new place with good rooms.
  • Lumbini Village Lodge, Lumbini Mehalbar, Nepal: about 2 km east of main site, has simple rooms. Basic meals also avaible.
  • Lumbini Buddha Hotel, Lumbini, Nepal: is a mid-range place with hot water and air-cooled rooms. It has a restaurant. It is southwest of the Sacred Garden.
  • The Lumbini Garden Restaurant, near the main parking lot (car park), is a decent place that has Indian and Western dishes. The is an eating place in the compound of the Theravada Monastery

Ashokan Pillar
Hotel, Guest House & Info in Lumbini, NepalThe Indian Emperor Ashoka (249 BC) visited Lumbini and erected an inscribed Ashokan Pillar on the spot of Buddha's birth. The inscription of the pillar (the oldest in Nepal) declares that Ashoka granted Lumbini tax-free status in honor of Buddha’s birth. It is 6m high and half of it is beneath the ground. It is behind the Maya Devi Temple, to the west of the temple. Emperor Ashoka erected many other pillars throughout India. The carved top of the pillar has never been found.

Maya Devi Temple
There used to be is a temple here dedicated to Maya Devi, Buddha’s mother. Parts of the temple are over 2,000 years old. It is believed that the temple was located where the Buddha was born. There used to be a pipal tree here that some people believed to be the tree that Maya Devi gave birth to Siddhartha under.

In 1993 the temple was demolished and the tree cut down and an archaeological excavation has been taken place. A commemorative reddish-brown stone (70 cm long) on top of a platform has been discovered 5m (16 ft) below the old location of the temple. It is said that Ashoka placed a memorial stone at the place where the Buddha took birth. The stone was found where according a Buddhist literature, where the distance from the pond where the Buddha is supposed to have taken birth.

Excavation point to the fact that there are remains of a Gupta period (4th to 6th century), is on top of foundations from earlier Kushana and Mauryan periods. There is a bas-relief sculpture of Buddha’s birth, said to date to 14th century that used to be in the old temple.

There is a pond next to the temple and just south of the Ashoka pillar, where Maya Devi is said to have bathed in, before (some say after) the delivery of the Buddha. There are some ruined foundations of stupas and buildings dating from the 2nd century to the 9th century.

Buddhist Monasteries
There are heavily restored brick foundations of stupas and buildings, which date from the second century BC to the ninth century AD. There are two modern monasteries. The Tibetan Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar was established by Chogye Trichen Rinpoche and built by the king of Mustang. It has some aged paintings and gilded Buddhas and bodhisattvas. Sri Lankan Pilgrims Rest House, Lumbini, Nepal: about a half-hour walk (3km) from the Sacred Garden, is a large modern place that has clean rooms with common bath and hot water. Dorm beds arealso avaible. It has a restaurant. The Theravada Lumbini Buddha Vihar was built by the Nepal government. It has some Tibetan-style paintings, Newar woodwork and Buddhist images.

Master Plan Area
The government has set aside a large area of land north of the Sacred Garden to build a large pilgrimage centre consisting of monasteries, gardens, fountains and a tourist village. Some work has already been done. Several foreign temples and monasteries have already been built, and over a half a million have been planted. There is an eternal flame, which is supposed to represent the “Light of Asia.” In the east side of the area a site has been set aside for the building of Buddhist monasteries built in the national style from countries from all over the world, with the form of worship from the particular countries.

Some monasteries have already been built. The Chinese Monastery has a large statue of Buddha and is built like a small-Forbidden City. The Myanmar (Burmese) Pagoda was built in the style of the famous Shwedagon temple in Rangoon. There is a Cultural Center. North of the Cultural Center is the large Lumbini Shanti Stupa which is being built. When it is finished it is supposed to be 40m high. The Lumbini Crane Sanctuary is where around 30 endangered sarus cranes live. They are the tallest flying bird. Around 200 or 300 of these cranes live in Nepal. Storks, egrets and other water birds are also here. The area around the master plan has around 150 species of birds.

There is a Buddhist festival in April/May called Buddha Jayanti here to celebrate the appearance of the Buddha. At the same time there is a big Hindu festival celebrated on the full moon day of the Nepali month of Vaisakha (April/May), when Hindu come to worship Maya Devi as Rupa Devi, the goddess of Lumbini.

Village Development Committees VDC's & Towns of Rupandehi District:

Aama Aanandaban Amari Amawa Marchawar Amuwa Paschim Asurena
Babhani Bagaha Bagauli Bairghat Balarampur Bangai
Bangai Marchwar Baragadewa Barsauli Basantapur Betakuiya Bhagawanpur
Bisunpura Bodabar Bogadi Butawal Chhipagada Chhotaki Ramnaga
Chilhiya Daya Nagar Devadaha Dhakadhai Dhamauli Dudharakchhe
Ekala Farena Gajedi Gangoliya Gonaha Hanaiya
Hati Bangai Hati Pharsatika Jogada Kamahariya Karaiya Karauta
Karmahawa Kataya Kerbani Khadawa Bangai Khudabazar Lumbini
Madhabaliya Madhuwani Mainahiya Makrahar Man Materiya Man Pakadi
Maryadpur Masina Motipur Padsari Pajarkatli Pakadi Sakron
Parroha Parsa Patekhouli Pharsatikar Pharsatikarhati Piprahawa
Pokharvindi Rayapur Roinihawa Rudrapur Sadi Saljhundi
Samera Marchwar Semalar Shankar Nagar Siddharth Nagar Sikatahan Silautiya
Sipawa Souraha Pharsatikar Suryapura Tama Nagar Tarkulaha Tenahawa
Tharki Thumhawa Piprahawa Tikuligadh 1 1 1